Menu – “traffic light” will show on harmful meals

National campaign against obesity, Americans up till this time was mainly focused on, so to speak, the civilian population. During the year, the manufacturers of finished food called to reduce the amount of salt and sugar produced their food, many States had a ban on sale of junk food and sweet fizzy drinks near schools. But now “healthy life” starting to develop among the seemingly most healthy groups of the population – the military. From the menu of the American military units disappear just the usual donuts, pizza, and even the national drink Coca Cola. Continue reading “Menu – “traffic light” will show on harmful meals”

What is prana and how it starts the healing process

Many practitioners of yoga often stress that yoga unlike any other physical activities. Moreover, yoga is not physical activity at all, but a way of life. The unprepared listener might wonder: what is yoga different from regular stretching class? Philosophy? Then what a typical yogi is different from the sectarian? Here to help him, it is useful to introduce the concept of “prana” — it will help to explain the essence of yoga. Continue reading “What is prana and how it starts the healing process”

6 products for a perfect yoga practice

Is to practice or not to eat – that is the question facing many practitioners from around the world. Of course, it is clear that to practice better in the morning on an empty stomach. But what if your class starts in 12 days? It is unlikely that you will not have cherished three hours before practice, then vigorously work out two hours and half an hour to refrain from eating for the fruits of the classroom learned. It turns out that the commercials have half a day to spend fasting. In this situation will suffer, and practice (which is sad) and the body (which will be exhausted). Continue reading “6 products for a perfect yoga practice”

Scanning the brains of Tibetan monks, scientists were able to describe the “physiology of meditation”

In the brain there are two functional networks: external — for communication with the world, inner — to communicate with you. At the same time they usually don’t work. But it turned out that together, they are activated during meditation, “when you achieve a sense of harmony and unity with the world.” Continue reading “Scanning the brains of Tibetan monks, scientists were able to describe the “physiology of meditation””