Antioxidants-facts and myths

Along with the growth of interest in their own health, there is growing interest in antioxidants. However, the main feature of any human society is the ability to all the “little” exaggerated. That topic of antioxidants has brought a rich harvest of fictions and myths, which we will try to understand.

But first, a little real information about free radicals and the action of antioxidants. That oxygen enters into the body in the breathing process, the blood delivered to every cell and used in oxidation reactions, we have learned more in school biology lessons. But the fact that the byproducts can form free radicals, it became known not so long ago.

Free radicals are molecules that lack electrons in the outer electronic level. The absence of an electron attaches to a molecule of high aggressiveness, it is absolutely indifferent, where will the missing electron. The bombing of a large number of free radicals are destroyed protein molecules, enzymes, DNA molecules. May suffer anything. Start the chain reaction mechanism: any molecule that gave up the electron to complete outer level of free radical in turn becomes a free radical.

Antioxidants are special substances that are not only easy to neutralize free radicals, but do not become aggressive. Antioxidants are synthesized by the body (hormones, enzymes) and fed with food (vitamins, trace elements, flavonoids). Now, about the fabrications.

Myth # 1: the food contains enough antioxidants.

Of course, if you eat fast food, this is true. Sources of antioxidants are raw fruits, berries, tea.

Myth # 2: Supplements are the best source of antioxidants.

With proper nutrition and adherence to healthy lifestyle no need for additional reception of dietary Supplements does not occur.

Myth # 3: synthetic antioxidants are a good substitute for natural.

Unfortunately, the skill of the person is today as far from the art of the Creator, as thousands of years ago. All of our laboratory experiments and the best inventions are just dead likes living magical elixirs, which treats us nature.

Myth # 4: antioxidants rejuvenate.

Only proven protective (sacrificial) action of these amazing substances. But pay back time is not as nobody, so take care of your own health and the condition of the skin should begin with early childhood.

Myth No. 5: there are only antioxidants in vegetables and fruits.

But also in the whole grain flour and beans, and nuts, seeds, and red wine, and even in lean meat, milk, fresh eggs.

Myth # 6: buy the required products enriched with antioxidants.

The inscription on the label, assuring the buyer that the goods contains antioxidants, which are not always true, but rather is a simple publicity stunt. Instead of reading all that is written in large print, try to deal carefully with the composition, featureless printed in small letters.

Myth # 7: Free radicals – the absolute enemy.

This is not true. Our body is designed so delicately that almost all can be used with advantage, for example, free radicals help to defend against foreign microorganisms, acting as one link in a complex system of immunity. The question of harm acute when free radicals become too much.

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