Heart disease and blood vessels affect erection

We took a few comments from the chief physician of the clinic and pharmacies 24ifarmacia.com, Argus, Davidius.

Because erection is primarily a merit of the correct operation of the blood vessels that provide the blood supply of the penis, one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is disruption of the cardiovascular system.

With age due to deterioration of the blood vessels worsening the work of many organs, and the prostate is no exception. Causes of vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, are also poor diet, Smoking, diseases of the endocrine system. What is the mechanism of disappearance of erection the atherosclerosis?

The reason is that an erection is due to active blood flow to the penis. As a result, all existing in this cavity quickly fills with blood, it greatly increases in size.

Atherosclerotic changes reduce the lumen of the vessels. As a consequence, decreases the volume of blood flow, and leads to a decrease in erection. Additional factors that contribute to this is lack of exercise, obesity, genetic predisposition.

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