Exerciser under Desk for office charging

Most middle-aged people, obese office workers. The need to sit for 9 hours a day “chained” to the computer deprives them of the ability to move. The situation will radically change the simulator Cubii under the Desk.

The invention of the so-called elliptical trainer at the time made a real revolution in fitness, providing the opportunity for an effective workout, even in your own bedroom.

This simulator combines all the advantages of trainer “treadmill” and the bike, providing the physical load that is more than capable of providing each of these “dinosaurs” sports equipment separately.

Until recently, the use of an elliptical trainer, you were only in my spare time – it is quite bulky and requires a separate corner in the room.

In the United States created a miniature version of an elliptical trainer with a price of just 199$.

The main advantage of “dwarf” simulator is not its price, and the size of – the device, called the Cubii Elliptical Trainer, you can freely place his feet on the job and it will be securely hidden from prying eyes by the table.

Minitrader creators claim that during tests in the offices of several companies he provided the energy expenditure of 120 kcal/hour. This is an excellent indicator, especially considering the fact that to lose weight or to train the leg muscles and myocardium using the Cubii can be throughout the working day, as it did not interfere with work.

Traditionally, the simulator is equipped with the sensor, the microchip and the Bluetooth device for data transfer to a smartphone.

This will help the owner not only to control the training process, but also to arrange a “secret” competition between employees that also decide to train in the office using their own equipment Cubii Elliptical Trainer.

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