“Armband Taser” accustom to a healthy lifestyle

The American market of goods of sports purpose will soon join the original new bracelet, which is able to monitor the training regime. In case of deviations from the plan owner will receive a “reminder” – a palpable shock.

As you know, adherence to a healthy lifestyle requires a constant effort of will is very difficult to force myself daily to get up an hour earlier for a morning jog or returning home after dark because of visits to the gym.

Modern Western “athletes” is widely used by various means of monitoring the training process – typically, these devices are fabricated in the form of wrist bracelets, with sensors and memory, as well as a device Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit data to the smartphone owner.

The inventor of this bracelet is a fundamentally new type, called the Pavlok Fitness Wristband, went even further – he gave the arrangement of additional capacitors and electrodes.

If the owner of such a gadget will break the training regimen – for example, do it during the day, less than 10,000 of the planned steps, the device will first remind him of the regimen delicately: an audible signal and a message on the smartphone display.

However, delicate reminders with the difference in half an hour or an hour will be only 2 – the third time, the bracelet will show stiffness and cause an electric shock according to the type of Taser, but less power.

Also, the device in combination with a smartphone will allow the owner to miss and evening training in the gym fitness – determining, for example, using GPS systems, 18:30 the owner is still not found in the gym, the Pavlok bracelet will repeat the procedure: 2 tactful reminders – and then the electric discharge.

“I always wear the prototype I created the bracelet for about a year. During this period I managed to lose not less than 12 kg,” says the Creator of unusual monitor physical activity Manish Sethi (Maneesh Sethi).

And the question is, how many times during this time, he was “upset” bracelet and was punished by electric shock, the inventor just smiles evasively.

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