A healthy lifestyle will warn of chronic disease

American researchers have derived a formula for a healthy lifestyle, following which it is possible to drastically reduce the risk of chronic diseases. It includes regular exercise, a healthy diet, maintaining optimal body weight and quitting Smoking.

Secrets to a long life can be very simple rules – you need to regularly exercise, monitor weight, eat a healthy diet and not Smoking, say the results of a new study. Scientists claim that people with a healthy lifestyle with these standards reduce the risk of developing common chronic diseases by 80%. People who follow the precepts of healthy living, had a risk of developing diabetes of the second type is 93% less than those who don’t follow the lifestyle. The risk of heart attack in this group of people also 81 percent lower in 2 times reduces risk of strokes and 36% cancer.

Criteria of a healthy life are. People have to devote to physical exercise at least 3.5 hours per week, equivalent to half an hour every day. You also need to make sure that the body mass index was below 30, a higher level says of obesity. The diet must be present fruits, vegetables, grain products flour, it is recommended to limit the consumption of red meat. To increase the chances of maintaining health need to completely give up Smoking.

“Our results support the recommendations of official health: you must avoid Smoking, maintain a healthy weight, to maintain adequate exercise and follow a healthy diet, said Dr. Earl S. Ford (Earl S. Ford) from the Center for control and prevention of diseases in Atlanta (USA), who led the study. – Given the depth of the roots of good and bad habits, especially important is teaching people healthy lifestyles from an early age.”

The study covered 23 of 513 adults aged 35 to 65 years. They filled out detailed questionnaires concerning of lifestyle and diet. About 9% of the respondents followed all 4 rules recommended for a healthy life. The most important factor of four for chronic disease prevention scientists recognized the maintenance of optimal body mass index.

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