Asthma moderate exercise is not contraindicated

It is known that people suffering from asthma, excessive physical stress can cause bronchial spasm and this causes these patients to avoid stress. However, scientists have found that regular metered load reduces the risk of attack.

In patients with asthma physical stress can have a dual impact: in the excessive efforts, the risk of an asthma attack increases, and at moderate and exercise the risk of bronchoconstriction decreases considerably. But the most important result of regular exercise is improvement of asthma control.
Canadian researchers from Concordia University in Montreal (Concordia University, Montréal) has established the optimal duration of daily physical activity for asthmatics, in which the risk of attack is minimal.

The researchers observed a group of patients numbering 645 persons. The survey subjects showed that 245 of them carefully avoided any physical activity, 298 subjected themselves to irregular physical activity, and 100 of the study participants almost every day for 30 minutes walked or rode a bike or have performed a simple exercise of yoga.

The observation of subjects over several months showed that the “athletes” the risk of an asthmatic attack was almost 2.5 times lower compared to those participants in the study, who carefully guarded themselves from stress.
“The use of inhaler bronholitika before exercise, and proper rest for 15-20 minutes after to reduce the risk of bronchospasm to a minimum,” recommends head of this research Professor Simon bacon (Simon Bacon).

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