Nature is wise: physical activity creates a healthy appetite

The benefits of exercise are well known and they do not need additional advertising, but scientists have discovered a previously unknown effect of sports on the body. Exercise can adjust your appetite in the right and healthy direction.

British researchers claim that in addition to strengthening muscles, weight loss and such exercise is beneficial in another – they alter food preferences in healthy to the body side.

Scientists from the University of the English city of Birmingham (University of Birmingham) invited to participate in the experiment, 15 healthy young men.
First, the participants for 1 hour at a leisurely pace Jogging Jogging on the treadmill “treadmill”, and then, immediately after the completion of this phase of the experiment, the researchers moved on to the next.

The researchers studied the activity of the pleasure center of the brain of subjects using the method of functional magnetic resonance imaging, while demonstrating the hungry during the clock run participants colorful images of different kinds of food.

Then the experiment was repeated with the difference that after the run the participants rested for 1 hour.

Scientists found that immediately after exercise, the brains responded much more actively to pictures of food with low fat (fruits, vegetables, salads and the like) for rich and fatty meats.

In addition, subjects participated in one experiment: on even days of the week they were moving for at least 50 minutes of every hour for 12 hours, and even sat and watched TV, videos or read.

Scientists report that the day after the idleness of the subjects required at Breakfast, eat much more for the emergence of feelings of satiety than after active days.

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