Love for bad food is inherited

Health of the expectant mother during pregnancy is the most important factor that can affect the baby’s health. Even minor disturbances in the body of pregnant women can cause serious pathologies of the fetus. Australian scientists found that if the mother during pregnancy can not abandon the habit of regularly eating fast food, such addiction to harmful foods is passed and the child, what the future may cause obesity, diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

A mother’s love for eating burgers, fries and other “culinary delights” from fast food restaurants has a programming effect on developing brain of the unborn child, and later, as an adult, such child will not be able to resist embedded in his brain and the inclination to “fast food”.

To such a disappointing conclusion was made by scientists from Australian University of Adelaide (University of Adelaide, Australia) after they carried out experiments with rats.

The animals were divided into two groups, the experiment was conducted with female rats during pregnancy and lactation, i.e. breastfeeding babies.

During pregnancy, one group of female rats received normal diet and another fast food, food high in fat and sugar. The same animals received food and during the feeding of offspring.

After the young rats were passed on to independent feeding, they were offered a choice of food: the ordinary food and fast food.

It was found that children of rats continuously treated during pregnancy and lactation fatty and sugary foods, eat much more food compared with offspring of rats who before birth and during lactation were fed the usual food.

“It may well be that all the efforts of women force your child to eat healthy and healthy food can be negated her habit of eating burgers and fries while pregnant”, explains Professor Gerald Weissman (Gerald Weissmann), the leader of the experiment.

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