Scientists have found that fast food is addictive like drug!

People suffering from overweight, in most cases, to blame themselves – regularly eating huge quantities of high-calorie food, they change in their own brain mechanism that signals the saturation. In the end, this “system” fails, and the feeling of fullness does not come ever: there is a real painful addiction to high-calorie food.

“Fast food” – fast food – without exaggeration, a diabolical invention. Eating high-calorie foods that contain mayonnaise, cheese, fatty meat, fried potatoes, a person gets a huge amount of calories, who, living in the city, will not subsequently consume they remain in the body as fat.

But American scientists have managed to open one more terrible side of fast food – it can cause addiction akin to alcohol or drugs. Researchers from the SCRIPPS Institute in Jupiter, Florida (the Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida) conducted a simple but very visual experiences.

Rats received unlimited access to tasty high-calorie food (bacon, sweet biscuits, chocolate bars and the like). The animals quickly gained weight, but despite this and the fact that the food was continuously available, they’re increasingly “attached” to the trough. Even when eating fast food the rat was accompanied by an electric shock, the animals could not tear myself away from the delicious food, and a conditioned reflex to the category they have not been worked out.

In the control group of rats received a normal, balanced meal. The animals were not overweight, and, most importantly, they have very quickly developed a conditioned reflex to the electric shock.

But most researchers were struck by the fact that when the rats ate up to this “fast food”, offered a normal diet containing healthy food, animals staged a hunger strike for two weeks, they completely rejected the “tasteless” food.

“They are voluntarily starving!”, says impressed Professor Paul Kenny (Paul Kenny), who led the experience.

The scientist believes that the rats fed on high calorie fast food, have developed a classical dependence on the type of heroin or cocaine.

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