A healthy lifestyle will provide the “electronic spy”

The man who decided to live a healthy lifestyle, with a serious approach should have a journal where everyday you need to mention your condition, physical activity, calorie intake and so on. This will help him the invention of scientists from the United States.

American researchers from the University of Pittsburgh (University of Pittsburgh) gave his brainchild the name of the eButton, that is, the “e” button. But in its capabilities, the device may receive and the nickname of “personal spy.”

E-button will be indispensable to those who decided to drastically change my life, give up bad habits, and carefully monitor their health.

This device, similar in appearance to a conventional round icon, actually just stuffed with all sorts of modern electronics: it incorporates a miniature video camera, speedometer and pedometer, GPS Navigator and many more.

Wearing the morning, “icon”, the man who decided to lead an exceptionally healthy lifestyle, is to copy all the data from the device memory on the home computer, including video footage of Lunches and dinners, visits to the gym or “get-together” with business partners in the restaurant, and carefully analyze the pattern of his day to make adjustments to the plan for the day tomorrow.

Thus, a constant “spy” will help its possessor to control your way of life.

The data in the device memory encrypted so that unauthorized persons are unable to use the personal information of the owner of the unusual icon in bad faith.

The owner, with the private key can decrypt the data after copying them to your computer.

“Our device allows to obtain a complete picture about the daily way of life and not just, for example, for a time he was doing his morning run,” explains one of the inventors of the strange “assistant” Professor Pittsbugh University Mingui San (Mingui Sun).

The eButton device has not yet gone on sale, and passes the final testing phase.

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