A healthy lifestyle and shock therapy: “clock of death” as a means of persuasion

A Swedish inventor came up with an ingenious way to get people to follow a healthy lifestyle. He created a clock that after entering data on the health status of the owner and his habits will determine how much time he has left to live.

In psychiatry, shock therapy in the form of discharges of electric current passed through the brain, is used as a last resort for treatment only in cases when proved ineffective all other therapies – such as severe depression.

A Swedish inventor Frederik Koltinh (Fredrik Colting) decided with a kind of shock therapy to make people think about death and try to postpone its arrival through the observance of a healthy lifestyle.

Clock designed, do not show the current time of day – they are a kind of “timer of doom” counting the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds left to the owner to transition into oblivion.

A permanent record on the display of the electronic clock, has received the grim name “clock of death (“Death Watch”), is the only date of death, a certain program.

Before the clock will calculate the fateful date, the owner must answer dozens of questions – from the date of his birth up to the weight and number of cigarettes smoked daily.

Questions are asked in a form which requires answers in the form of “Yes” or “no” response is confirmed by pressing the corresponding button on the watch case.

After entering the last answer on the clock and you receive the given number – the date of the alleged death of the owner.

However, the inventor himself calls his creation “the happiness watch” because it is, for example, to stop Smoking or lose weight and fix an appropriate response in the electronic questionnaire, as the number of remaining days and hours to increase and the date of death will move in the future.

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