In the Netherlands, has created a food that does not get better

Obesity is now the number one problem in many Western countries. For example, in the US, 60% of the population is suffering from obesity. People eat more calories than you can spend. Dutch scientists are working to develop a new kind of food that will help to overcome obesity.

Leading Institute Food and Nutrition (Netherlands) is engaged in the development of food components that can protect obese people from diabetes. Their goal is the creation of such food which can cause the immediate feeling of saturation in humans. Such products will be able to quickly satisfy hunger, but at the same time, there are people will be less. In addition, such food must meet the requirements of a healthy diet and be delicious. The “new” food additive is also sensitive to insulin levels in the blood, which will help to protect people from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Project details are still unknown, but scientists promise that additives of this type are “suitable” to any meal, starting with drinks and ending cereal products. Besides, these ingredients reduce the amount of fat in the diet, but it does not spoil the taste of the product.

Moreover, the health Organization of the Netherlands came to the conclusion that low-calorie diet is also dangerous for a person as Smoking. The most conservative estimate of this organization, 25% of people die from obesity, the same percentage suffer from serious diseases that are caused by overweight. This disease can be easily defeated if every person would lose just 3 kg.

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