How food affects career success and safety behind the wheel

Modern requirements to the representatives of any profession require extremely high productivity throughout the working day. But even absolutely healthy people, the performance may vary depending on the nature of power.

American scientists have found that unexplained daytime sleepiness, which is often found among people of different professions, including office workers, drivers and even with a normal duration of a night’s sleep, may be associated with increased fat intake.

However, consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates, increases body tone, improves the ability to long concentration of attention so necessary for people spending every working day at a computer or driving a car.

Researchers from the medical College at the Pennsylvania state University in Hershey (Pennsylvania state College of medicine in Hershey, PA.) invited to participate in the experiment, 30 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 65 years.

For five days, all the subjects slept in a special room in the laboratory. Scientists every day provided participants with different ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and to obtain objective information about the degree of daytime sleepiness was used widely used in the multiple sleep latency test sleep (multiple sleep latency test).

It was found that high or low protein content in food does not affect the appearance or absence of daytime sleepiness.

However, fats and carbohydrates had the apparent ability to exert such influence, and an increase of fat in the diet increased the drowsiness during the day, and high carbohydrate content, reduced drowsiness and improved performance.

These phenomena were observed in all study participants, regardless of their age, gender, body mass, duration of nighttime sleep and total calories daily diet.

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