How often should you eat to stay healthy?

To date, the dispute about the preference of disposable meals vs several small meals a day remains unresolved. However, recently published data suggests that the solution to this problem is found.

The new study is based on a study of middle-aged people with normal body weight. The analysis was conducted by experts from the agricultural research Service (Agricultural Research Service) USA. To conduct this study were involved in a small group of men and women who are within eight weeks for a course of special power. Project participants took either broad their body calories in one meal, or eating three times a day.

The first analysis showed that the diet with the consumption of one meal a day is suitable only for a short period of time. The researchers found a significant increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood of people who ate only once a day. This group also had problems with elevated blood pressure, experts say.

The researchers observed a slight weight reduction in people who ate once a day. However, significantly increased the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, which has forced experts to conclude that food should be served three times a day with a uniform distribution of calories throughout the day.

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