Fast food – not only obesity, but also stupidity

Pediatricians and nutritionists are already raving, warning parents that love their children to burgers, fries, pizza, chips and the like “food” contributes to the rapid formation of excess weight, which in turn will lead to diabetes, heart disease and other unpleasant and dangerous things. But British researchers have discovered a new negative characteristics of “fast food” – maybe the results of their research will make dad and mom to close the road to their offspring in the “fast food”: it’s one thing when your child is well-fed few, and quite another when it’s impenetrably stupid English scientists claim that fast food significantly reduces the IQ of children.

Researchers from the University of the English city of Bristol (Bristol University) found that fast food threatens the children of not only obesity, but also other consequences that persist throughout life if the child is regularly “ate” fast food before the age of 3 years, he in the future there is a persistent decrease in IQ – intelligence quotient. It is clear that a low IQ would cause him difficulties during his studies in school, and after graduation, he is unlikely to get a good education.

The authors have for several years studied 14,000 children who were born in the early 90-ies of XX century. Their parents filled in a detailed questionnaire; the responses provided information about what was mostly eaten by the children 3, 4,7 and 8 years.

According to the responses received, the authors identified 3 models of power: a diet rich in fats and glucose, the traditional diet with a predominance of vegetables and meat, and a healthy diet, rich in vegetables fruits and other products of plant origin.

At the age of 8 years children were tested to determine their IQ – intelligence quotient.

Children aged 3 years ate the least healthy diet (a predominance of fat and sugar), it was observed a persistent decrease in IQ – an average of 5 points compared to those children who at the age of three receive the most healthy food.

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