Marines, U.S. Army, meditate

According to the article in the Washington Times the first step to introduce meditation practices in the United States army began 4 years ago during the launch of the pilot program.

In the conducted study involved a group of Marines during 8 weeks group worked on a 12 minute a day meditation course “Prepare your mind”.

At the end of the experiment in emotion magazine published the results of this pilot program. According to which the Marines participated in the experiment are not only better feel, but they slept better, improved their physical and emotional form. They felt prepared and confident.

Drawing a parallel with their colleagues who have not participated in the program, once it became clear how much lower their level of emotional and physical fitness. Because during their training they were focused only on his physical condition. In other words, instead of having to be in full combat readiness — on the contrary, they felt insecure.

Since the end of 2011 on the basis of Marines in San Diego courses on meditation have been carried out everywhere.

First, many of the Marines this innovation was regarded with skepticism, but after finishing the course, their attitude changed dramatically. And now none of them questioned the need for the passage meditation classes.

The author of course is a former intelligence officer of the military forces of the United States Stanley Elizabeth. In my experience, Elizabeth knows how important meditation is to the life of any person, and not just for the military.

During his military career scout Elizabeth served in Bosnia, Macedonia and Korea. During the rehabilitation period after she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder Stanley took different medicines, but they were powerless.

Then she decided to try meditation techniques as a result of which her condition has improved dramatically.

It was her experience and initiative helped the program to become a reality.

Herself Stanley, comments on his work: “Meditation helps the soldier to understand the situation during the battle and not to lose my temper. And most importantly, to make decisions, listening to your mind, not emotions.”

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