6 products for a perfect yoga practice

Is to practice or not to eat – that is the question facing many practitioners from around the world. Of course, it is clear that to practice better in the morning on an empty stomach. But what if your class starts in 12 days? It is unlikely that you will not have cherished three hours before practice, then vigorously work out two hours and half an hour to refrain from eating for the fruits of the classroom learned. It turns out that the commercials have half a day to spend fasting. In this situation will suffer, and practice (which is sad) and the body (which will be exhausted).

We offer a healthy alternative: for one to two hours to eat a product from the list below.

Bananas. There is nothing easier, tastier and more nourishing than the banana. This is one of the best snacks that you can imagine. It is rich in potassium, which prevents cramping and dehydration. Besides, it contained carbohydrates provide the body with essential for energy intensive practices.

Green smoothies. This drink is extremely popular – and for good reason. Green smoothies not only will saturate before exercise, but it will help to flush toxins from the body and lose weight – with regular use, of course. In a blender beat any of the green vegetables and fruits, almond milk, nuts and Chia seeds or spirulina until smooth.

Toast with avocado. This is an easy and delicious snack. Avocado, of potassium even more than banana, and it’s a great source of fat and antioxidants. A piece of whole wheat bread put slices of avocado, lightly pour olive oil on top, sprinkle with pine nuts and oregano.

Melon and watermelon. A great option for simple carbs. They should not be mixed, it is better to eat separately. Melon or watermelon will help moderate wasting energy during practice and speed up the metabolism.

Hard-boiled egg. Protein helps to rebuild muscle tissue. Something easier boiled eggs not to come up. It is better to use after practice. For example, with a green salad.

Oatmeal. Another snack that seems complicated to make, but actually requires a couple of actions. In a jar place the oats, pour in Greek yogurt, add Chia seeds, almonds, pieces of berries and remove overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning you get a perfect snack, full of protein and carbohydrates.

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