What is prana and how it starts the healing process

Many practitioners of yoga often stress that yoga unlike any other physical activities. Moreover, yoga is not physical activity at all, but a way of life. The unprepared listener might wonder: what is yoga different from regular stretching class? Philosophy? Then what a typical yogi is different from the sectarian? Here to help him, it is useful to introduce the concept of “prana” — it will help to explain the essence of yoga.

Prana is the vital energy, or life itself. The powerful therapeutic effect of yoga is often explained by this psychic aspect. A special sequence of asanas, breathing practices, work with the attention – all this is done in order to cleanse, replenish and harmonize the flow of prana. If this fails, then the therapeutic effectiveness of the practice several times more effective than regular physical education.

Maybe there’s some kind of esoteric explanation may, research: for example, that the active involvement of attention starts the process of healing, as opposed to simply a mechanical exercise. The important thing is that thanks to the special methods of yoga people all over the world to get rid of diseases and ailments (this explains its insane popularity).

For several thousands of years yogis have studied the phenomenon of prana in the human body: selected and systematized techniques, passed them on from generation to generation. They came to the conclusion that the dense (physical) and subtle (energy) body is interconnected, and the disease of the dense body is the result of disharmony of the prana of the subtle body. Accordingly, strict implementation of the techniques (breathing, consistency, concentration) ensures a greater healing effect than regular exercises.

If you are a beginner or haven’t had time to feel the flow of prana in the body, do not worry ahead of time. Regularity of practice and precise execution of asanas, with the time start energy processes in the body and contribute to ozdorovleniyu not only on physical but also a psychological level.

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