Why men need to be careful to products, deep fried

Products cooked by frying in boiling oil, have a particular taste and very nutritious, which gives them huge popularity. But men, lovers of this food, increase the risk of Contracting an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Potatoes, chicken wings, mushrooms and doughnuts fried in plenty of boiling vegetable oil – the food is delicious… and also very harmful.

In oil, especially if it is used repeatedly for frying, the formation of large quantities of carcinogens, complex chemical compounds able to cause malignant transformation of cells.

This is usually the sad consequence of love for products deep frying is associated with cancer of the digestive organs (stomach, liver, large intestine), and scientists from the US claim that no less detrimental food from the fryer affects the prostate gland.

The study was conducted by the staff of the cancer center Fred Hutchinson (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) in Seattle (Seattle).

Their scientific work was the first study of the possible connection between the consumption of food subjected to high temperature cooking in boiling oil, and prostate cancer – such studies were conducted only in respect of meat, fried in a pan, grill skewer, and the like.

The authors analyzed survey data and survey 1 549 men with an established diagnosis of “prostate cancer” and 1 492 their healthy peers.

Researchers from Seattle found that regular consumption of foods deep fried, at least once a week increased the risk of prostate cancer by 37% compared to those participants in the study who ate such food is not more often the 1st once a month.

It was also discovered that a love of French fries, deep fried chicken wings and other food have led to increased risk of developing the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

“Unfortunately, we have to admit that many men provoke the development of this dangerous disease, eating deep-fried foods more often than 1 time per month”, – said the head of this research Professor Janet Stanford (Janet Stanford).

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