Menu – “traffic light” will show on harmful meals

National campaign against obesity, Americans up till this time was mainly focused on, so to speak, the civilian population. During the year, the manufacturers of finished food called to reduce the amount of salt and sugar produced their food, many States had a ban on sale of junk food and sweet fizzy drinks near schools. But now “healthy life” starting to develop among the seemingly most healthy groups of the population – the military. From the menu of the American military units disappear just the usual donuts, pizza, and even the national drink Coca Cola.

At the beginning of this year in response to a call by first lady Michelle Obama go to a healthy diet several former commanders of the U.S. army published an article in which he warned that there is a threat to U.S. national security. The name of this threat – the obesity of the younger generation.

Although the army U.S. army contract, however, special commissions are becoming harder to really pick the best of the best – and physically, and in intellect among those wishing to enter military service. If the selection of the most smart problems, usually not, on the physical parameters of the American recruits are getting fatter and weaker.

The current military leadership responded to the warning gradually from the menu of army units and the fleet disappear products that have been there for decades.

In many canteens meals served to soldiers to choose from, supplied with labels in three colors: green, yellow and red.

The most useful food meets green, “dubious” – for example, bacon and eggs – now warns soldiers of possible damage (excessive calorie, cholesterol) in yellow, well, pizza has become an outcast: she has a disturbing red color.

Instead of sweet drinks selection of fruit juices and vitamin-enriched energy drinks.

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