Sildenafil 100 france reports impotence, which can also be known to the reader as such its definition, as sexual dysfunction may develop on the background of the impact of various factors. Depending on the features of their influence, impotence can be organic or psychological. Today we will focus on what is impotence and how to cure psychological impotence, the latter, incidentally, can be found among patients most often. Common causes of impotence psychological Causes of impotence


And although our article focused on the consideration of the treatment of this disorder, it is essential to consider its main features and in particular the reasons why it is on the basis of their specificity are selected for further treatment.

Itself impotence defines the inability of a man to achieve an erection and subsequent maintenance in the condition in which it becomes possible the full and harmonious intercourse. Approximately 40% of the cases, this disorder occurs in men aged 35 to 40 years. Mostly the problem of impotence is seen as something shameful, as access to a doctor or postponed or completely ignored, which actually does not solve the problem.

We have already allocated that impotence can be of two types, and although in our present article we focus our attention only on one of the options, it seems that clarification and the specifics of the other organic forms of impotence, the excess will not appear.

As factors causing the development of organic impotence, it is customary to consider the following several reasons:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • injury to the penis;
  • failure of arterial blood flow (in particular refers to disorders in which is a direct impact on erectile mechanism and its blood vessels);
  • certain types of lesions of the spine, trauma; stress, depression;
  • the use of certain drugs that affect the nervous system and on the considered sector in particular;
  • surgical intervention produced in the pelvic area.

Therefore, it causes to highlight in somewhat different terms, that is, by setting the corresponding generalization on the type of impact. So, the causes of impotence can be vascular, endocrine, neurological, local, medication. All this determines the organic lesion, on the background of which develop impotence. We are also interested in neuropsychiatric disorders, which are, as we have noted, another category that determines the nature of the impotence.

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