Impotence will heal “attack on manhood” infrasound

The delicate problem of erectile dysfunction soon it will be possible to solve it using a method that has long been used for remote crushing of stones in kidneys. The “hits” infrasound into the penis will quickly return the ability to experience the joy of love? according to kamagra oral jelly.

Over the past decades urologists have successfully cure patients from kidney stones without a scalpel – acoustic waves with specially chosen frequencies, in a bun, overcome skin and tissue of the body and crush the kidney stones to sand, which is then excreted in the urine.

Israeli scientists of the Rambam medical center in Haifa (Rambam Medical Center in Haifa, Israel) successfully tested a similar technique for getting rid of impotence men who are not helped by other methods. However, in this case the impact of the waves was less intense compared to lithotripsy.

In the clinical study involved 29 men, average age of participants was 61 years. Previously, they tried to get rid of impotency through drugs, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and other methods. However, the treatment gave no results.

Israeli scientists have applied their own methodology: over 9 weeks participants received 12 sessions of treatment. In the first three weeks they were exposed to shock waves in 5 points of the penis twice a week, followed by a break in treatment lasting three weeks, and then therapy with infrasound again repeated.

The actual treatment was three-minute the shock wave impact for a short period of time in the “manhood” of patients was applied to about 300 beats acoustic waves.

If before treatment, participants rated their ability to commit sexual intercourse, 8.8 points on a special scale (the average in the group), two months after the end of treatment this figure accounted for 10 points and 8 participants reported complete normalization of erection.

“The improvement in erection with 8.8 points up to 10 for most men means a transition from the inability to commit a sexual act to the appearance of an erection”, – notes with satisfaction that Professor Ilan Grunwald (Ilan Gruenwald), co-author of the study.

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