Scientists told about the benefits of Botox for the treatment of impotence

Researchers from Cairo reported that they were able to prove that Botox can be useful not only for ladies who think about the beauty of their face, but men, in order to support one of the main functions of the male body.Y ou can also use viagra. The researchers concluded that Botox can affect male potency and can even be a boon for men with impotence because it allows you to normalize the function when its primary disorders.

As reported by the Cairo doctors, who conducted the study together with colleagues from London, they were able to prove the effectiveness of Botox injections during the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Marked improvement when exposed to male body this toxin were recorded in about half of the participants in the experiment.

Thus, scientists say that injections of botulinum toxin “A-type” can be a real salvation for men who suffer from impotence. The principle of this treatment is that smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to the sex organ after injection, much improve erections. Thus, it is not only a single effect, it also positively affects the work of this body in the future.

In the experiment scientists involved men diagnosed with dysfunction in severe stage. As a result, 50 percent of volunteers who received 50 milliliters of Botox (injection) indicated a solid improvement of erection.
The study of this technique may help in the future many men.

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