Scientists told the house how to solve erection problems

Researchers from the U.S. reported that they found ways to get rid of erection problems. Scientists say that many men experience problems with erections, but not in a hurry to go to the doctor, despite these problems. Try to solve this problem by using viagra. Also they do not hurry and try to solve problems at home, believing that it is impossible to do. The researchers say that, in fact, it is possible to solve this delicate problem without resorting to medicines, with the help of folk remedies that will nip the problems in the beginning and to improve sexual life can be, if you follow the six recommendations of experts.

So, the scientists say, to help the men simple exercise. Experiments have shown that in men who have erection problems, regular cardio to improve circulation and encourage blood flow to the genitals.
To improve the male organ is also important to abandon bad habits. They can greatly affect the condition of male potency.

The same effect and reduce stress levels. Stress can cause temporary ability of men to exploits in bed. Men need to learn to relax, to relieving accumulated tension.

Doctors say that men need to pay attention to their health, as prevention and observation for your body can prevent the development of impotence.
Also the diet should include apples, pears and oranges.

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