Scientists dispel the main myths about sex

A group of researchers from Indiana University, USA, analyzed the results of a large number of studies devoted to the topic of sexual relations, which improve levitra 10 mg prezzo. As a result, experts refuted some preconceived ideas about the intimate life.

In particular, researchers have dispelled a popular theory that sex interested in, mostly men, at least to a much greater extent than women. Experts said that it is more common for men over the age of 30. In the period of life until this age, women surpass men in frequency of sex, the researchers noted.

They also did not agree that men are much worried because of the size of his penis. Most men don’t care about this fact, and they are quite happy with what we have – say the authors of the project.

Denied by scientists and other “men’s” myth – namely, the theory of increased sensitivity of the circumcised penis. There’s a lot of evidence that the results of this operation, on the contrary, blunts it, said experts.

Deny researchers and the alleged positive effect of certain products on the potency, particularly oysters. “This food probably has a psychological impact. In principle, any product can increase libido,” – concluded health care providers.

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