Assume that unlikely to meet someone who would not dream to be young, full of energy and happy. Sometimes many people try different kinds of sports, gyms, diet, walks in the parks. However, what we know about healthy lifestyle? Rarely meet someone who fully abide by it. Why is this happening? What prevents people to monitor their health? What have to do to look and feel great? And how to live long and prosper? To all these questions we try to answer below.

Healthy lifestyle – what is it?

Today everyone’s life is full of events, technologies and temptations. In our advanced time, people used to run somewhere and hurry up to catch max. To work quickly, learn new things, to eat fast food, be treated by drugs with immediate effect. No extra minutes for relaxation and basic attention. But sooner or later health will fail. This does not happen on time and always bears bad fruit.

Bustle of life

To avoid this outcome easily. Just know and follow the rules of healthy lifestyle. What is this “beast” is? HLS is a complex of habits, only a positive influence on human activity. It can be used to improve health, increase life expectancy and be happy. HLS is particularly relevant in recent times. Technological progress, poor environment, and inactivity are harmful for people. There are different kinds of loads, leading to disease, often chronic. In this regard, a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for our society.

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Maintaining healthy lifestyle helps everyone to take care of their body. It contributes to its strengthening, stability and strength. This is because only one condition. You need to use all its features. There are a variety of classifications. We chose a simple and meaningful. So, the HLS consists of:

  • proper nutrition;
  • sports;
  • personal hygiene;
  • different types of hardening;
  • failure or minimize bad habits.

Proper nutrition

To eat right, first of all, implies to consume only healthy food. They provide replenishment of the body with different substances that help it grow and function. Proper nutrition has to be extremely balanced.
Man, especially with the problem of excess weight, you should adhere to several principles of nutrition:

  • The food should be varied. This means that the diet must include foods of animal and vegetable origin;
  • Caloric intake should not exceed the daily rate. Everyone is their own. When calculating calories takes into account many aspects of the lifestyle. For example, the presence of physical activity, excess weight, diseases, etc.
  • At least 5 meals a day. They include three main and two snacks. Fasting is impossible – it is an axiom. To always feel good, learn to eat 5 times a day at the same time;
  • Eat slowly. Thus, in time you will feel the sense of fullness, do not overeat and enjoy the taste;
  • Chew your food well. This salvation is for the stomach and the entire digestive system. Experts recommend chewing your food at least twenty times;
  • Eat liquid. Necessarily every day to eat soups. They promote the secretion of gastric juice. These soups help to facilitate the digestion of other foods;
  • Eat rich in vitamins fruits and vegetables. This is a great option for a snack. Fresh vegetables and fruit will not only satisfy your hunger, but also replenish the deficiency of nutrients;
  • Drinking, drinking and again drinking. Norm of water per day – 1,5-2 liters. Tea, coffee and soups don’t count. Fasting morning drink a glass of water. For taste you can add lemon;
  • Eat milk products. Best low-fat but not fat-free. They contain healthy protein and contribute to the rapid digestion;
  • Don’t be lazy, eat only freshly prepared food. Over time, food loses its beneficial properties.

The rules of healthy eating are quite simple and do not require special skills. Today are tons of services where everyone will find recipes to your liking, you can control the calories and amount of water consumed.

Sport and physical activity

Our body is our main tool. With his help we can fulfill all of its functions. Therefore, it is very important that the body is always right. First and foremost, you need to use it. Movement is life. Better not say. Take for example a car. If it is not the case for many years, then rust and become unusable. So, our body. The less we move, the greater the risk of disease. Well, if you have a lot of free time. You can attend group classes, exercise in the gym or dance. A lot of options. But what to do if you are a busy person and have almost no free time? A perfect option for you – morning exercise. Devote 10-15 minutes a day and your body will always be in excellent condition.

On the Internet you can find a lot of information about exercises and techniques morning exercises. In addition to the above, an excellent effect on the human body Jogging. Morning or evening jog uplifting. Choosing running scenic spots, you will be able to clear the brain from unnecessary thoughts and relax. No matter what type of physical activity you choose. It is important that they give you pleasure.

Personal hygiene and a healthy sleep

Keep the body clean. This will save you from the risk of diseases associated with bacteria and parasites. A healthy sleep will help you to be always active and full of energy. Try to sleep at least eight hours. The most appropriate time for sleep comes time period from 22.00 to 6.00.


To reduce the risks of diseases to a minimum is to do the hardening. It helps the body fight the adverse external factors. There are many ways to increase resistance and immunity:

  • The adoption of air baths. This is the most affordable and easy way. Often try to arrange a walk in the fresh air, ventilate the room. In the summer go out of the city. Clean forest air is the best prevention of diseases.
  • The sunbathing. No less effective is the exposure to the sun. However, it is necessary to be careful and avoid the direct rays at noon. It is also impossible to prevent the emergence of thermal burns and shock;
  • Walks barefoot. Our feet have many sensitive points. Their massage leads to normalization of vital organs;
  • Wiping soft method of hardening. It is suitable even for small children. The process involves rubbing the body with the help of massage mittens, washcloths or wet towels;
  • Dousing with cold water is the most famous method. You can pour whole or in part. It is important after the procedure, wipe with a dry towel;
  • Contrast shower. The alternation of hot and cold water tones the skin, rejuvenates and strengthens the body.

The winter swimming. This kind of conditioning requires a responsible and cautious attitude. Before beginning procedures, you should consult with your doctor.

The rejection of bad habits

We are not going to go deep and long talk about the dangers of Smoking, alcohol and drugs. It is a well known fact. We hope that each of you, our readers, value their health and have long abandoned these destructive habits now or on the way to it.

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