Fatigue everyone feels after a hard day, this is normal. Usually after a good sleep, strength and vitality return, and the body is ready for the new labor day.

If sleep and rest not help to cheer up and fatigue is still not receding, you need to think about your diet. Many are beginning to combat this problem, innumerable drinking strong coffee, which only aggravates the situation. There are products that help fight fatigue, depression and apathy. They supply the body with minerals and vitamins, provide energy and vitality.

1. Water.

Dehydration leads to decreased performance, irritability, drowsiness, and apathy. Even if lack of fluids is quite small, the effect on the body it has is quite significant. So you need to replenish the water supply with pure water or herbal teas to give you that extra calming effect.

2. Nuts.

Proteins, magnesium, omega 3 fats, these substances are rich in nuts and seeds. And they are required to populate the body with energy and combat fatigue. Eating a handful of nuts a day can provide a good source of energy, to improve the emotional background and the quality of sleep. Very useful to combine nuts, especially walnuts, with honey.

3. Oatmeal.

A bowl of oatmeal for Breakfast will give cheerfulness for the whole day. This cereal is an indispensable supplier of thiamin (B1), protein, phosphorus and magnesium. For the best effect of morning oats can be saturated by adding pieces of fruit and some nuts.

4. Eggs.

But oatmeal is not the only food recommended for Breakfast. Eggs are not less rich in mineral elements, vitamins a and B3, iron, folate and of course protein.

Besides the options of cooking a lot of eggs, they can boil it, broil it, make omelettes.

5. Dark chocolate.

Cocoa helps produce a special hormone, the so-called “happiness hormone” which helps fight depression and improves the efficiency. In modern bars, white and milk chocolate the cocoa percentage is very small, so to combat fatigue is recommended to use it dark chocolate with cocoa beans at least 80 %. 40 grams of this delicacy will keep the body in good shape, and will give courage.

6. Apples

Definitely need to eat a day at least one Apple. Apples help to reduce cholesterol levels and help to cleanse the body of toxins that pollute the body, leading to disease and intoxication.

In addition to these products should be regularly consumed seafood, vegetables and fruits, chicken breast, lean veal, cereals and fish. Every day to walk in the fresh air and exercise, to refuse or to reduce to a minimum the consumption of alcohol and strong coffee and tea.

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