This exercise system came in 50-e years, but only 20 years ago were singled out sports as a separate species. The word “stretching” is translated as “stretch”.

Stretching can be defined as a special system of the exercises developing flexibility, mobility and strengthen joints, improve the elastic properties of muscles and ligaments. Stretching can be independent or be an integral part of the basic set of exercises in fitness, aerobics, strength and cardio training.

The basic principle of stretching is to alternate the alternation of tension and relaxation of muscles that triggers the processes of self-renewal, stimulates blood circulation and lymph circulation, strengthens the muscles and helps to relieve tension muscle tissues.

In stretching we can distinguish the following main types:

Static — the adoption and retention of a certain posture for some time. Static stretching is used in the simultaneous stretching and muscle tension, therefore, it burns kilocalories. Due to this, the extra fat disappears, the muscles visually larger, and the body becomes a more attractive shape.

Dynamic execution amplitude springy movements. Each exercise is repeated 10-15 times at the end position is fixed for 7-10 seconds. This quick stretching increases flexibility, stimulates the body, improves mood.

Isometric is the alternation of tension in the muscles with their relaxation. Principle – stretching to mild pain, then the maximum muscle tension in this position, hold this state for a few seconds, relaxing. Then the cycle repeats.

Stretching is very important to proper breathing – it should be smooth, natural breaths, without delay. Between exercises you need to take a deep breath and exhale.

In favor of stretching should say the following:

  • First, stretching is suitable for work at any age.
  • Second, stretching does not need to have any initial training.
  • Third, stretching has almost no contraindications.
  • Fourth, to successfully engage in stretching is quite possible at home. In the Internet you can easily find ready video courses, and various sets of exercises for stretching.
  • Fifth, to achieve maximum effect it is necessary to exercise every day for only 30 minutes. For beginners it is quite enough for 15-20 minutes three times a week.

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