The most amazing miracle that nature has given us is honey. Honey contains many nutrients and minerals.

Honey is an indispensable tool for colds, inflammation, and a great sedative.

Honey — work of bees.

Honeydew honey is obtained in the process of gathering the pad, i.e. sweet processed product after aphids, which is then processed by the bees. In honeydew honey contains huge amounts of minerals. It is very difficult for the bees and so it does not leave the bees for the winter. He scored the bees intestines, leads to death.

Floral honey is collected from flowering plants (acacia, sunflower, may).

Depending on the plant which is collected nectar, honey is distinguished by the color of smell and taste.

Each honey is collected in the liquid state with SOT. But every kind of honey may differ on density, viscosity. During long storage, the honey begins to crystallize. This can be seen on the bottom Bank.

The honey is put into the hot and mixing with the hot. Then the honey may lose healing properties and turns into poison. Honey refers to the allergens and therefore this product should be taken with caution.

Tea with honey is very good at helping with fatigue, stress. Well to make a mixture of honey, grated ginger with lemon. And it turns out the perfect remedy for colds.

The main composition of honey is carbohydrates that are soluble in a small amount of water. Also, the honey contains fructose, sucrose, glucose, and folic acid.

Found in nature are poisonous (drunk) honey. The nectar the bees collect from the flowers that contain venom, or pollen of poison. This honey leads to headache, vomiting. Intoxication and poisoning takes place in a few days.

Weak honey, the result of feeding the bees sugar. Artificial honey does not have the characteristic color, taste and smell like real honey.

Honey is widely used in cosmetics and perfumes.

Many masks and wraps made on the basis of honey. Honey is used as a confectionery product for baking, and medicine.

Honey enhances many processes in the body, metabolism, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.

When applied topically, kills bacteria and disinfects. Its also good to use in the treatment of joints and colds.

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