Five of the strangest diets in the world. Do they help our health or harm? The weight goes or comes back again?

1. Diet of cotton wool. What could be weirder than eating cotton candy? And I don’t mean sweet delicious candy. You need to eat cotton wool normal, dry and medical. On this diet before each meals losing weight have to eat cotton balls. You can drink water, you can eat in suhomyatku. Advantages of this diet, its followers believe that they wool get great amount of fiber and fill your stomach, I’m hungry a lot less.

2. Do you want to eat sand. I’m not talking about normal sand. Under the sand dieters understand any bulk products. That is, you need only have welded porridge and other granular food. In my opinion anything pleasant in this diet there is, and use it no.

3. Sex occupies every meal. The creators of this diet say that if you have sex after a meal, the food won’t digest in your body, and fat is not deposited on your sides. But the food still goes into your body. And sex, as well as the gym burns fat only if it lasts 40 minutes. But few can boast of such a sexual marathon.

4. More chew, but not swallow. This diet has many fans, the great tycoon of new York, the writer Henry James, and others. According to the Creator of this diet, Horace Fletcher food must be thoroughly chewed, preferably 100 times. And the remnants of the food he proposes to spit out. I think any reasonable person will understand that this diet leads to weight loss, and to this disease of anorexia. With this agreement, and all leading nutrition in our country.

5. The cabbage soup diet. Eat cabbage in every meal: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s not like fasting days on one product. It’s just not one day. The duration of this diet can create for about a month. Also cabbage can be replaced by equally nasty cabbage soup. Cabbage is of course a useful product. But like all useful it must be in moderation. And many people who have tried this diet, I noticed that the constant dizziness, lack of immunity, lack of focus and increased flatulence became their faithful companions not only during the diet but also afterwards. What can we say from all this? In the world invented a lot of different and weird diets. They are all inherently funny, silly and useless. After all, every doctor will tell you to lose weight, we must consume fewer calories than you can spend during the day. Or move more, or eat less. One of the two, the third is not given.

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