Water is an important component of human life. People born in the womb in water and without it we cannot exist. Man is composed of water about 2/3 full. Composition of body fluids is much higher in a only born baby, with age, its quantity decreases, and a small fraction is contained in the body of an elderly person. The changes are evident. The man shrinks, wrinkles, sagging skin, poorly functioning organs.

The value of water is infinite. The lack of the required number of leads to disease and shrinkage of the person. Dehydration leads to poor health, fatigue, migraines, depression appears, lethargy, disturbed the order of sleep and wakefulness, fail internal organs affected joints.

People take a shower for the return of the tide strength and vigor, soar feet, for getting rid of colds, you can gargle your throat. With the help of water from the body toxins and toxins. The skin becomes young and healthy. Aktiviziruyutsya brain function(the brain is 2/3 out of the water) and overall health improves. Thus, in healthy full of energy the body can not penetrate infections and viruses. The person who daily consumes the right amount of water reduces the risk of heart attack. Helps water and weight loss, suppresses hunger and is involved in fat burning.

A grown man during the day should drink about 2-3 liters depending on temperature. The hotter the number should be more. The child should drink at least a liter of water. We are talking about clean water. Various dairy drinks, tea, coffee, soups, fruits and vegetables are not able to replenish the level of water in the body. Coffee on the contrary displays a liquid. Our body is not able to obtain water from other food. The liquid contained, for example in soup, helps in the digestive process, and other bodies of water remains.

To quench thirst have exceptionally clean water. Tap water should not be consumed due to its high content of dangerous dirty substances. Do not drink from open water, inhabited by microorganisms. After boiling water harmful bacteria are killed. But such water does not bring benefit to the person. It is not only harmful substances, but also useful. Using the filter is the most appropriate. The highest concentration of nutrients in natural water, but it is not always possible to get. The solution is bottled water, but it remains a bit of beneficial properties due to its purification.

Good for drinking mineral water. However, it is impossible to drink a long period. Excess salts and minerals can seriously damage the body, especially the urinary system and kidneys affect the heart, increased blood pressure. It is better to consult the doctor is able to prescribe the timing and quantity of mineral water that you can drink and then her benefits will be undeniable.

Harm the body sodas. You should not drink cold water. Excessive consumption of it causes tremendous harm to the stomach. The cold fluid along with carbon dioxide acts on the membrane of the stomach, the gastritis is almost inevitable. Used water should be the temperature of your body, not less.

The best option to drink water before eating, after sleeping and not to forget water during the day. Before going to sleep it is better to abandon the intake of fluids, as it threatens to edema. At night, the body needs to rest and not to overwork.

Thus, a bottle of clean water should always be at hand. So, people quickly replenish the body’s energy and filled with power.

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