6 secrets of a cheerful morning

Getting up early in the morning helps one useful device for determining the time, however, no matter how many alarms you’ve set, it is unlikely to make happy and in a great mood. However, there are secrets that will help you to “stand with the feet” and keep this lovely mood for the whole day!


Maybe eggs in the morning are not included in your daily routine, but would cost to include them? Two eggs with a pinch of salt along with a slice of avocado will help to stabilize blood sugar levels, satisfy hunger and give you energy for the whole day.


Do not neglect moisturizing products – choose a cream with extracts of grape seed, coconut oil or glycerin. A sufficient level of water content in skin cells and throughout the body, would negate the irritability and fatigue, and a pleasant aroma, which is usually present in such creams have you like.


Bright lipstick and attracts to you the admiring glances and provoke you to a smile. Pick the tone that suits you and wear it with pleasure – paint a bright lipstick anywhere and anytime, even when you go to the store for milk if you want. In the morning, this trick worked perfectly!


Play perfume: don’t underestimate the power of scent: light aroma lamp with essential oil of peppermint or essential candle with orange. Will fit all citrus smells, and also “male” woody aromas – they stimulate, energize and understand the mood.


Wet the skin during the day – well worth the investment for the next morning to get up will become easier and happier. Winter – not a reason to abandon thermal politization important not to do this before going out on the street as the cold moisture from the pores evaporates.


Diversify your routine with a new drug – why not try a gel-based mascara or a tonic – it will give the look of clarity, and the makeup durability, and of cilia, of course, will benefit from this!

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