Scientists told the house how to solve erection problems

Researchers from the U.S. reported that they found ways to get rid of erection problems. Scientists say that many men experience problems with erections, but not in a hurry to go to the doctor, despite these problems. Try to solve this problem by using viagra. Also they do not hurry and try to solve problems at home, believing that it is impossible to do. The researchers say that, in fact, it is possible to solve this delicate problem without resorting to medicines, with the help of folk remedies that will nip the problems in the beginning and to improve sexual life can be, if you follow the six recommendations of experts. Continue reading “Scientists told the house how to solve erection problems”

Scientists told about the benefits of Botox for the treatment of impotence

Researchers from Cairo reported that they were able to prove that Botox can be useful not only for ladies who think about the beauty of their face, but men, in order to support one of the main functions of the male body.Y ou can also use viagra. The researchers concluded that Botox can affect male potency and can even be a boon for men with impotence because it allows you to normalize the function when its primary disorders. Continue reading “Scientists told about the benefits of Botox for the treatment of impotence”

Impotence will heal “attack on manhood” infrasound

The delicate problem of erectile dysfunction soon it will be possible to solve it using a method that has long been used for remote crushing of stones in kidneys. The “hits” infrasound into the penis will quickly return the ability to experience the joy of love? according to kamagra oral jelly.

Over the past decades urologists have successfully cure patients from kidney stones without a scalpel – acoustic waves with specially chosen frequencies, in a bun, overcome skin and tissue of the body and crush the kidney stones to sand, which is then excreted in the urine. Continue reading “Impotence will heal “attack on manhood” infrasound”


Sildenafil 100 france reports impotence, which can also be known to the reader as such its definition, as sexual dysfunction may develop on the background of the impact of various factors. Depending on the features of their influence, impotence can be organic or psychological. Today we will focus on what is impotence and how to cure psychological impotence, the latter, incidentally, can be found among patients most often. Common causes of impotence psychological Causes of impotence Continue reading “TREATMENT PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPOTENCE”