Menu – “traffic light” will show on harmful meals

National campaign against obesity, Americans up till this time was mainly focused on, so to speak, the civilian population. During the year, the manufacturers of finished food called to reduce the amount of salt and sugar produced their food, many States had a ban on sale of junk food and sweet fizzy drinks near schools. But now “healthy life” starting to develop among the seemingly most healthy groups of the population – the military. From the menu of the American military units disappear just the usual donuts, pizza, and even the national drink Coca Cola. Continue reading “Menu – “traffic light” will show on harmful meals”

Organic food: the new reality or myth?

Fashion for a healthy “organic foods” which has spread in the last 15-20 years around the world, may indeed be nothing more than a hobby. There are more scientific works, in which the extraordinary usefulness of “organic” is increasingly under doubt. Meanwhile, the cost of such products is at least twice the regular price, which are sold in any supermarket. A natural question arises: “if the effect is the same, why pay more?” Continue reading “Organic food: the new reality or myth?”

Scientists have found that fast food is addictive like drug!

People suffering from overweight, in most cases, to blame themselves – regularly eating huge quantities of high-calorie food, they change in their own brain mechanism that signals the saturation. In the end, this “system” fails, and the feeling of fullness does not come ever: there is a real painful addiction to high-calorie food. Continue reading “Scientists have found that fast food is addictive like drug!”

Love for bad food is inherited

Health of the expectant mother during pregnancy is the most important factor that can affect the baby’s health. Even minor disturbances in the body of pregnant women can cause serious pathologies of the fetus. Australian scientists found that if the mother during pregnancy can not abandon the habit of regularly eating fast food, such addiction to harmful foods is passed and the child, what the future may cause obesity, diabetes and diseases of the cardiovascular system. Continue reading “Love for bad food is inherited”