Sildenafil 100 france reports impotence, which can also be known to the reader as such its definition, as sexual dysfunction may develop on the background of the impact of various factors. Depending on the features of their influence, impotence can be organic or psychological. Today we will focus on what is impotence and how to cure psychological impotence, the latter, incidentally, can be found among patients most often. Common causes of impotence psychological Causes of impotence Continue reading “TREATMENT PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPOTENCE”

Scientists dispel the most popular myths about weight loss

A recent study has shown that some popular recommendations for those wishing to lose weight actually not as effective.

Scientists decided to test empirically whether the reality of the popular myths about obesity. In the end it turned out that it is absolutely incorrect and unfounded ideas about this phenomenon prevail in both scientific and popular literature.

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About the benefits of vegetarianism

A significant plus of vegetarianism — a gradual weight loss. It is obvious that the deletion of his plate of fatty foods, you will lose weight naturally without violent diets and fasting. After all, you can eat when you want and how much — a lot of vegetables, cooked in any way, to establish metabolism. Statistics show that vegetarians and vegans the total weight leaner meat eaters.

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